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A bunch of geeks pledged to empower businesses with Mesmerizing applications, Awesome websites, Killer graphics, Splendid internet marketing services and Affordable rates.
In short, we call it MAKSA.
What We Do
Serving clients worldwide with our craft. 7 years of utter mastery. Pushing the edges of web development and designing with our passion. Addressing each of these aspects to transform your company into a brand and globalize it.
People are attracted naturally when they see something that is beautiful. Our designs drag your consumer to come to you and do business with you.
We also offer re-designing services to bring some innovativeness to your website while preserving your current theme. It's time to contact us now if you haven't updated your design since long time.
As they say, first impression is really very important. We can help you build a great one with our logo, brochure and visiting card design services.
People often ask how our designers have unmatchable creativity and how they create such different level of designs. Frankly, even we don't know.
They just do it regularly :)
Whether you already have a site or you plan to go for one, we have great offers for you. We believe in agile development to build robust websites.
We follow Project Development Life Cycle for each and every order to keep it lean and open to add new features in future. And the first step of development is the 'Mobile ready' approach. Yes, we know it's the need of the day. Responsive sites are our developers' mastery.
Wanna have some re-usable code? We are very much experienced with web based application too. Well, yes our developers are always well-versed with the latest technologies and update themselves to use the crystal methods to bring the best level of dynamism in the applications. Extreme programming and adaptivity is needed for world-class web applications and we know how to go for them.
We build mobile applications across all platforms. Be it - Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows, Blackberry and others. Features like social media integration, offline work, detailed analytics, awesome UX and speed help you get a huge customer base and engage them with your services.
We give our best for all of these aspects and more. Order a mobile app today to make your customers happy.
The Internet is a great place where you can connect with your client base and the best thing about it is that it does not cost a fortune to do so.
We have a comprehensive collection of Internet Marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that will help you to market your products or services and spread your brand awareness.
Project Development Life Cycle
The way we work. The way we handle projects. Here are the processes that we follow for each of our assignments.
We are sure you would love our working system.
Step 1. Visualize
You get smitten by an idea or you resolve to take an online presence and contact us. All the quotes, decisions of features, planning, etc. are done here. Once everything is at a mutual point, we move to the next step - Drafting.
(We discuss, decide, make corrections and finalize the plan)
Step 2. Draft
Goal setting is a very important step for any project. We know this and follow it. A layout is created based on your requirements and our discussion on what you want is put on paper for ourselves as well as the developers.
(We hardly disturb you during this process)
Develop & Test
Step 3. Develop & Test
Real Work is done here.
You just sit back and relax while we craft your web application.
Your wait comes to an end
once it's tested and ready.
Discussed plans have turned to reality now.

(Your words after this step - Hey, that's what I wanted)
Go Live
Step 4. Go Live
We put the newly created wonder in front of the global audience after your approval of the job. We make sure that your site is placed perfectly and complete other project related procedures and formalities.

(People's words after this step - What a piece, unbelievable!))
Its not over for us yet... it'll never be...
Upkeeps & Upgrades
Only creating and putting the application online is not enough. Same level of importance is needed for it's maintenance too. Very small number of companies do that. But, don't worry, we DO IT. Story has ended. Move ahead now. Next please?
Our Creations
We know you're too eager to check out our recent works after reading and understanding our methodology above.
That's why we've put this just after that ;) Have a look
Client Appreciation
Before reading any of the testimonials, please note that we don't like or need to buy or demand beautiful supporting words from anywhere. Their unrequested love is shown below.
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